How often should you have your windows cleaned?

Maybe you’ve had your windows cleaned for years, or maybe this is the first time you’ve been prospecting a professional window cleaning company.  The question remains:  How often should you have your windows cleaned?  There are several factors involved with that decision, but it’s not rocket science, so let’s see if we can answer this question for you.

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How often should you have your windows cleaned?



Clean windows, of course! That’s the goal!  You want a window cleaning schedule that will keep your windows looking good year-round!  Honestly, that should be the gauge of how often you have your windows cleaned.  We don’t typically wait until our house is disgusting before we clean it.  We want our house to be cleaned often enough that dirt doesn’t get noticed when we have the occasional visitor, or a surprise visit from the in-laws!

Soon after we clean anything, though, dirt begins to accumulate, so we have to plan accordingly.  The best thing to do for window cleaning is to have it on a schedule, because we all know that if it’s not on a routine schedule, it will get overlooked, and go undone.  And then, the next thing you know, your windows are so dirty that you can take it anymore!  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We all have our house cleaned weekly, or at least bi-monthly.  We have our yards mowed weekly, or at least bi-monthly.  Why?  So our home and our yard will look good year round.  The question is…Why wouldn’t we have a schedule for cleaning the windows?  It only makes sense.



So, logically, the next question is:  How often should I get my windows cleaned?  The complicated answer is:  It varies from home to home, and here’s why.


Every homeowner is different.  

Let’s start with you, the homeowner.  There’s the homeowner that loves to have their windows cleaned!  And then there are other homeowners that just find window cleaning a necessary evil!  We, of course, think along the lines of the first homeowner…as clean windows make a huge difference in the home!  It brightens the whole house!  It makes an already clean home sparkle!  Clean windows are like the last puzzle piece to a clean home!  When the last piece is in place, the picture is complete!  However, we all have a choice, and not everyone feels as strongly about clean windows as we do.  We get that!


Every home is different.

Some homes are in the city…some are out in the country.  Some are surrounded by lush vegetation… while others are surrounded by a concrete jungle.  These factors all contribute to how fast a window gets dirty.  Varying types of windows, along with different types of window screens, also affect how quickly a window gets dirty.   So we treat each home individually, and make professional recommendations accordingly.


Every budget is different. 

We understand that too.  Not everyone can afford to have their windows cleaned every month.  And others can’t afford it even every quarter.  That’s ok, the point is to put together a window cleaning plan that works with your budget.  From our perspective, those who have their windows cleaned less often just need to understand that it takes more time and effort to clean exterior windows that have not been cleaned in 6-12 months when compared to cleaning exterior windows monthly or even quarterly.   The more labor that is involved, the more it costs to have your windows cleaned.  That’s why we offer incentives when you have your windows cleaned more often.  Many of our customers enjoy discounts for having their windows cleaned more frequently.



What’s Your ideal window cleaning schedule?  With the above factors affecting how often a window gets dirty, what sound recommendation could we give for most homes?  As a general guide, we would suggest quarterly exterior window cleaning, with interior windows cleaned annually! (FYI, that’s what we do for our personal homes!)  For most homes in our area, this is the perfect schedule, as dirt really begins to accumulate on the glass after about 2-3 months.

Sure, having your exterior windows cleaned every month would even better, but that’s not the most cost effective schedule for most people, only a select few.   Then again, if there were only certain living/kitchen/dining area windows you were concerned with, monthly cleaning might be within your reach!  It never hurts to ask.  How nice would that be to keep your main living areas looking great every month!  We think so, too!

With All Star Window Cleaning, your not stuck with one preferred schedule though.  We would love to help you figure out the perfect window cleaning schedule for YOU, and only YOU!  When you call to schedule your appointment, it’s worth asking about how often you should have your windows cleaned, because we can then provide a custom approach to make sure that you get on a window cleaning schedule that fits your desire, your needs, and your budget!  Ultimately, we want you to feel that you are getting the best service possible, and we think that everyone should have an opportunity to experience clean windows for themselves.  We offer discounts for those who have their windows cleaned more frequently, so don’t hesitate to ask about it!  We are passionate about window cleaning, and after your first clean with us, we know you will be too!

We’d love to answer any questions you have about getting on a window cleaning schedule that’s right for you.  Give us a call or text us at 918.527.1390 or shoot us an email at !

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